Frequently asked questions

+What are the differences between the rates provided BY IMAGE and BY PRODUCT?
  • 1 Sample Shot prior to shooting entire batch
  • 1 Photo only
  • Includes Masking
  • 2 Sample Shot prior to shooting entire batch
  • Max of 4 Photos (From the same item)
  • Excludes Masking
+Do I need to be located in Singapore?

No, you do not need to be in Singapore to our client! We have clients from all around the world sending us products to shoot their photos for them. We provide sample photos prior to the commencement of the shoot and get your approval first so you know how exactly your photos will turn out!

+How long do you take for the photos to be done?

Our photos will take 1 working day for you to receive the sample photos. Upon approval of the product photos, the whole process will take up to 5 working days. Do consult us when you have a large quantity to shoot as the items might take longer due to the high workload.

+Do I have to be present for the shoot?

No, you do not need to be present for the shoot. Sample photos will be sent to you first and gather your feedback before we commence on the product photography.

+Can i be present for the shoot?

Apologies but we do not allow our clients to be present during the shoot as we schedule our shoots based on our photographers schedule.

+What are your payment terms and options?

For Singapore Clients, we accept payment via Bank Transfer, Cheque, Cash and NETS.
For Overseas Clients, we accept Paypal and Telegraphic Transfer.

Our payment terms are as follows :
50% deposit before commencement of project Remaining Payment upon delivery of product photos

+How would I get my photos after the product shoot is done?

All photos will be hosted on our online gallery. A download link will be sent to you containing all the photos.

+What format will the photos be delivered?

The photos will be in JPEG for product photos and PNG for photos with masking.

+Can you provide a cropped and original size photo for me?

Yep we will be more than happy to provide you with 2 different formats.

+Can you reshoot a product for me?

Product reshoot will be done complimentary if there is any error on our part. Otherwise, it will be charged at nominal rate.

+What is the maximum dimension of product that you can shoot?

Our studio can occupy things up to a maximum 4 meters in height,width and length. We direct access to the loading/unloading bay and the door opens 2 meters by 2 meters.

+I lost the photos, can you resend me the images?

All product photos will be hosted on our online server for five years. The link never expires and you can access and download the photos if you lose them.

+Do i retain the copyright for the images?

All copyright belongs to you and you are free to use the images however you want.

+Is shipping provided in the rates provided?

The rates quoted do not include shipping at all. If you are unable to send down the products or come up to pick up the items due to your business schedule, we can arrange a courier to pick the items up from you. Contact us for more details.

+What are your opening hours? Can i send the products down at anytime?

Our photography studio is opened upon appointment basis. Do contact us for our opening hours as we might be out for projects.

+Can i see the range of backdrop colours that you provide?

Do contact us for the full range of colours provided.

+I have a few products but they have damages on them, can you edit them away?

That would depends on how extensive the damage is. Do contact us for more details.

+Can i see more of your sample photos?

We value our clients privacy and do not use them for our portfolio images unless allowed. Do contact us to see our all our recent works.

+Do you provide photo editing services only?

Yes we do, do contact us for more details.